Ski Emotion Sport Academy

Corso Trieste, 67 - 25056 Ponte di Legno (BS) - IT

Our disciplines:

  •   Alpine ski
  •   Cross country
  •   Snowboard
  •   Telemark

The story of Ski Emotion Sport Academy is full of passion and love for the mountain and true values for sport, practiced and taught. Dedication and commitment, as well as the educational and ludic dimension, and attention to detail are the core values of the modern ski and snowboard school. The courses proposed by the Academy originate from and are based on the idea of sport as an incentive for a wellness lifestyle. From the child to the adult, from the beginner to the expert skier, everyone can find a place in the collective corse with a maximum of 8 participants, or in the private lessons specifically customized.

The special courses dedicated to the smaller skiers are aimed at discovering the magical feeling while gliding on the skis: these courses teach how to move, interact with a snowy environment and live new physical experiences. The Academy is also Freeride: skilled alpine guides and specialized instructors accompany our clients in the discovery of the off-piste skiing.

Captained by Elena Tagliabue, former Olympic athlete and former member of the National World Cup Team, National instructor and trainer, and Normann Tagliabue, also National instructor and trainer, the Academy is composed of a team of professional snow and mountain experts who, at any time, express the core values of the school through their activities.

Ski Emotion is also solidarity, we believe that doing good does good and are proud to be ambassador of the nonprofit association Dynamo Camp.

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