Ski schools Calabria

While the Calabria region might be best known for its coast and its crystalline sea, the mountains actually have an important role to play even in this region.
Ski resorts like Camigliatello Silano, Villaggio Palumbo and Gambarie give you the opportunity to ski 35 km of runs served by cutting-edge ski lifts with really affordable ski pass prices.
The altitude and major snow storms combine to ensure good snow coverage.


Altopiano della Sila

1 schools


Camigliatello silano

1 schools



1 schools


Monte Scuro

0 schools


Villaggio Palumbo

0 schools


Ski schools list:

Ski school Camigliatello
Camigliatello silano (CS)

Ski school Gambarie
Gambarie (RC)

Ski school La Baita
Altopiano della Sila (CS)